Superior Recycling Solutions was born from over three decades of auto recycling experience by some of America’s leading auto recyclers.  The goal was clear, we needed to create the most durable, the most efficient and easy to operate tools to process vehicles in the safest and cleanest way possible. 

Through dozens of design iterations and years of rigorous testing at multiple locations our fluid recovery system and methods proved a success.  When other recycling facility owners and managers saw the system they began asking if they could purchase the machines for their operations.  The founders knew that they had developed an excellent product which they proceeded to document and patent.  In preparation to bring the machines to the larger market, Superior Recycling Solutions partnered with leading industrial designers and manufacturers which lead to even greater design improvements and the birth of several new products.

Today, SRS is proud to offer its fifth generation equipment with exceptional industrial design and a long track record of proven success.  Superior Recycling Solutions designs and manufacturers its innovative products in our factory in Upstate New York, USA.  Most all of the original machines installed in the field are still in operation today with many having processed over 100,000 vehicles and some, as many as 250,000 vehicles and counting.

Looking toward the future, SRS is committed to offering the most innovative and productive equipment.  We listen to our customers and we design what they need, they are the reason that we exist as a company.

SRS makes the industry’s most durable machines for automotive fluid recovery.  The kind of machines that last for generations.  The kind of machines that made America great!