Fluid Separator 300
Fluid Separator 300

Durable construction, easy installation, and low maintenance design make the FS-300 the ultimate solution for the automotive recycling industry

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With the FS-300, form meets fuction. Oils and antifreeze enter the machine together by gravity, separate and are automatically transferred to bulk storage containers by high volume pneumatic pumps. The durable construction, easy installation, and low maintenance design make it a safe, efficient, and cost effective solution for the automotive recycling industry

Industry Leading ROI

With the growing demand for oil, why not sell your used oil for a profit or use it to heat your buildings for free! The antifreeze processed by the separator is clean and ready for resale.

Eliminates Spills/Mixing

With the FS-300 Fluid Separator, your facility can virtually eliminate spills and costly fines, improve regulatory compliance, and reduce the potential for creating mixed waste fluid.

USA Built Tough

The FS-300 is constructed of heavy guage steel and utilizes industrial grade pumps and electronics. SRS offers only the finest fluid recovery equipment

Processing Capability 110 Gallons Per Hour
Dimensions 5' x 4' x 2'
Dry Shipping Weight 600 lbs
Operating Weight 1,350 lbs
Tank Construction 11 GA Double Wall Fully Welded
Operating Capacity 90 US GAL
Overflow Capacity 112 US GAL
Fluid Discharge Pressure 0-100 PSI
Maximum Fluid Lift 50'
Air Input 80-100 PSIG @ 5- 30 SCFM
Electrical Input 1PH 110-120 VAC 5A
Audible Shop Alarm 75 DB


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Why SRS?

Built Tough

From design to fabrication, all of the equipment built by SRS is built to last in the most demanding of environments.

Process More

Our products allow your facility to process more vehicles than ever before with some of our customers reporting a triple digit increase in production after outfitting their facilities with SRS products.

Recover More

When it comes to end-of-life vehicle processing, recovering near 100% of fluids is the goal and it is a goal our products help you achieve.


Our products help keep your facility compliant with the latest environmental mandates and keep your workers safe during operation.